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Eighteen years ago, I was awarded my first job in education as a tutor at the College of Alameda. Since that time, I have realized two important truths about teaching and learning that I would like to share with you. The first truth is that an exceptional teacher will find a way to bring out the best in every student. Not all students have the same ability, but all students can reach their goals with the right tools and motivation. The second truth is that achieving success when learning something new must involve one simple principle – having a good reason makes all the difference. If you have a solid reason motivating you to learn, there is no mountain you won’t be willing to climb to reach the end of your journey. So I ask you, what is your reason?

What makes MET unique?

Once you have your reason firmly in place, MET can provide the necessary tools to help you along your path toward success. The difference between MET and other tutoring services is that all of our curriculum is designed around your specific needs and goals. MET takes a student-centered approach to learning because it is the most effective method. If you have tried other tutoring services but haven’t been satisfied with the results, we encourage you to give MET a try. We strive to provide the best English tutoring in Livermore and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for an English teacher in Livermore to help improve your reading and writing skills? Are you looking for an English as a second language teacher in Livermore to help improve your conversation skills? We are waiting to hear from you. See you on the mountain!



Are you looking to get a promotion? Maybe you have a big presentation coming up and would like help making sure everything is sharp. MET can help whether you are an entry-level employee or a seasoned manager.



Are you studying for a standardized test and would like to improve your score? The HSPT, ACT, SAT, and TOEFL can be overwhelming when so much depends upon your success. MET is here to assist you in taking the next step toward your academic future.



Is English not your first language? Do you want to communicate more clearly and effectively with your family, neighbors, and friends? MET will provide the conversation practice you need to improve your confidence in speaking and listening.


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