When the Fourth of July banners are being hung around town, you know you’re fully into the summer season. You see more people walking the streets spending quality time with family. The pools and theme parks are reopened, and people seem to be generally more relaxed. Most of us enjoy the summer months for these and other reasons. How about students?

Ask any student what the best time of the year is, and they will invariably all give the same answer – SUMMERTIME! Even diligent students feel like they need a break from school. But what can happen during this time of the year is that much of what we have gained academically during the year may become extinct or lost to history. How can you mitigate the amount of knowledge forfeiture?

Regretfully, the answer is not to play more video games. As fun as video games may be, the answer is something different entirely. One answer is reading…a lot. Not everyone likes to read, especially if you spend the entire academic year doing so. Yet there is no question that reading can provide the spark to keep those neurons firing on all cylinders. Your brain is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, atrophy will set in. Constantly challenging yourself with new information and ideas keeps your brain sharp and fresh.

Being creative also helps. Paint a picture, plan an adventure, or try something new. These are all fun ways to keep the brain moving. Not only will you find yourself being more alert and functioning at a higher level, but you will also help maintain a positive attitude. Because having a positive attitude impacts everything else in your life, it may be the most important asset you have. The people around you will appreciate that no matter what season it is.

Having trouble finding things to do this summer? Make sure that you challenge yourself no matter what you do. I’ll close this blog post a bit early so that you can get to it!